Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Does your company have a "service charge?"
A. Yes. All legitimate, licensed and professional service companies do.

Q. How much is it?
A. Our minimum service charge is $49.95 for most residential calls.

Q. Do I have to pay a service charge on top of the cost of repair?
A. No. Although many other service companies do, Better Homes only charges for one or the other. Once the technician diagnoses your problem, they will give you the exact cost of the repair. (Not an estimate.) All repair quotes are flat rates based on National Appliance Repair Price Guides. At that point you may elect to either proceed with the repair or simply decline and pay only the service charge.

Q. Will my appliance be repaired today?
A. In most cases, yes! Our technicians carry a comprehensive inventory of parts on their trucks to provide our customers with the highest probability of "same day repair." Other companies carry a very limited amount of parts or in some cases "0" inventory on their trucks and may take weeks or months to complete a repair.

Q. If you do have to order a part, how long will it take?
A. In most cases it takes just a few days. The technicians are required to tell all customers that a week to ten days is average or our normal turn around time. This covers any errors and recovery that may arise with a part order. Customers also have the option of overnight or second day shipping although there are additional charges for this.

Q. Will I have to wait all day for service?
A. Absolutely not! Better Homes also has a better way of scheduling appointments. We provide our customers with a very narrow and time saving "2 to 3 hour window" depending on how busy our schedule is for that day and “call ahead” service to let you know the technician is on the way. Special arrangements can also be made for shut-ins, handicapped individuals, after hour and weekend service calls.

Q. Do you offer any discounts?
A. Yes. For more information please go to our home page and select "Discounts" in the upper menu.

Q. What is your warranty?
A. Better Homes is proud to offer our customers an actual "Life Time" warranty on any part(s) that we install. Our Life Time warranty states clearly that we are confident and sincere in our efforts to serve our customers needs even beyond our timely and professional repairs. Our labor warranty reflects 90-days of warranty over the industry standard of 30-days.

Q. What kind of parts do you use?
A. We use only OEM parts! (That's Original Equipment Manufacturing.) We never use after market, used, rebuilt, reconditioned, universal, or secondary market parts. Whatever manufacturers part that came out of the appliance is what goes back in it. Letter for letter, number for number. No exceptions, ever!

Q. What appliance do you work on?
A. It's not enough to say we work on all major appliances. Whirlpool, GE, Frigidaire, and all the common brands of course. But our services go far beyond the average residential line of appliances. When we say we work on all major appliances, we actually mean all major appliances, including names like; Bosch, Jade, Viking, Asko, Wolfe, Gagganuea, Thermador, Meile, Sub-Zero, True, Garland, and the list goes on and on. Better Homes is a complete and comprehensive appliance service company.

Q. Are your Technicians certified?
A. Yes! All of our technicians are factory trained, certified appliance technicians. Not "mechanically inclined individuals" as many companies use to avoid paying a substantial difference in wages or salaries. Our technicians attend every training class that is offered in our area by our distributors. They are the most current, updated and informed Technicians in the area and always on the cutting edge of appliance repair.

Q. Do you sell appliances?
A. No we do not. Our specialty is repair and that is what we focus on. We strive to be the very best at what we do to provide you with the very best service possible.

Q. What types of payment do you take?
A. We offer a variety of ways to pay for our service including VISA, MasterCard, Discover, Check or Cash.

Q. Why should I use Better Homes?
A. Well, for all the reasons listed above for one. But what we tell potential customers is simply ask your area Better Business. Always ask a friend or neighbor who they use. Read our testimonials. Check out our ads. Call the office nearest you and talk to any of our staff.

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