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Simple Oven / Stove Repairs You Can Do On Your Own

There could be simple solutions that will fix your oven or stove without needing to call in professionals.

Before you have to call Better Homes Appliance Repair (your favorite appliance repair company), you might try these simple steps to see if one of them might be a quick fix to your stove or oven problems.

Examine your stove or oven settings. The most common occurrence in a stove or oven malfunction is simply user error. Of course, we don’t want to admit to human error, but it happens, so here are a couple of simple things that you can check on your own. Simply go through the settings for your oven or stove and make sure that they are correct. For example, make sure your clock is correct, and make sure when you set the oven timer, it is not on a delayed bake option. The delay will cause your oven not to heat until it is past the delay time. These days, our stoves and ovens have all kinds of digital options that are supposed to make things more convenient but sometimes those convenience items can cause problems if they are not adjusted properly or set correctly. So the main thing here is to make sure all your oven features are correctly programmed.

For those of you that have electric stove tops with coil burner elements, make sure those elements are connected properly. If you don’t have a glass top and those coils are exposed sometimes we don’t think about things like putting groceries on top of the stove or other items that could jostle the burners loose and when you go to use them, they don’t work properly. So if your burner is not working, make sure it is connected properly and also check to make sure there is no food buildup in the electrical connections of the burner.

If you have a gas range and it won’t heat up, the first thing you need to check is that the pilot light is properly working. It should be a blue color with a quarter to a-half-inch flame that burns steadily.

Does your stove or oven have safety features, especially ones that keep children from being able to mess with any of the settings? Sometimes we forget about the safety features that may lock settings and prohibit the stove or oven from being turned on or allowing the display to be accessed. The best thing to do if you are unsure about how your safety settings work is to consult your owner's manual for your specific appliance.

You must make sure to deep clean your appliance, as this could be the culprit. When I say, deep clean, I really mean that the little crevices in the appliance should be cleaned. Sometimes we have spills, overflowing pots, and food that falls into the crevices that we don’t exactly see until we pull things apart. We may wipe down the oven and it looks clean to you and everyone else, but there are things that fall into the cracks and this can prevent your appliance from working correctly.

Last, but not least, and I know this is kind of a gross one, bugs can be your culprit. Sometimes roaches can get inside the appliance and crawl around on the electrical boards and short circuit them out. Even though you may keep a clean house, we live in Florida, and those darn bugs like to come inside our house to find food and water. The best thing you can do is to have your home sprayed regularly or simply put a roach bait underneath or behind the stove and change them out every six months just in case.

All of the above are just simple suggestions that may help you with simple fixes on your own, but if any of these suggestions don’t help or you don’t want to mess with it yourself, please give us a call because we are here to handle all of your home appliance repair needs.

Better Homes Appliance Repair offers in-home appliance repair service for all major residential appliances including your refrigerator (free-standing and built-in), freezer, dishwasher, dryer, washer, range, oven, stove, ice maker, garbage disposal, built-in coffee maker, and more. We are open Monday through Saturday for service appointments. The service call fee of only $69.95 is always waived with any repair! Let us make you our next happy customer! Call 727-447-0108.

Our expert appliance repair technicians can help you address all of your home appliance needs. Give us a call at 727-447-0108 to schedule your appointment.

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