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How to Clean an Ice Maker or Ice Machine the Right Way

As convenient as ice makers and ice machines are, proper maintenance is essential to remove dirt and bacteria and ensure optimum function. How do you clean an ice maker and ice machine? While an ice maker’s bin can be removed and washed, an ice machine requires specific, but simple, cleaning steps. Learn how to clean an ice maker and ice machine for pure, high-quality ice every time.

Knowing how to clean an ice maker or ice machine can help produce better ice. However, cleaning is crucial to removing the dirt and bacteria that can multiply and even cause illness.

How to Clean an Ice Maker

Cleaning a dirty ice maker is typically very straightforward. Simply remove the ice bin and dispose of any old ice. Wipe down the bin with warm water and a mild dish detergent before drying completely and replacing. We suggest cleaning an ice maker every 3-4 months. However, if your ice smells or tastes bad, consider doing so more frequently or replacing the refrigerator water filter.

How to Clean an Ice Machine

Before you clean a dirty ice machine, first refer to your user manual to determine if there are specific cleaning instructions. If not, there are general steps that will get your ice machine clean.

Here’s how to clean an ice machine in 6 simple steps:

  • Unplug the machine and turn off its water supply.

  • Empty the ice bin and wipe it down with warm water and mild dish detergent (some manufacturers may recommend a specific cleaning solution).

  • Remove the drain cap, allowing any residual water to drain into another container. Replace the drain cap.

  • Reposition the ice bin, plug the machine back in and run a complete cleaning cycle.

  • Dispose of the ice, refill the machine with clean water and run a second cycle.

  • Throw away the ice. After reconnecting the water supply, the ice machine is ready for use.

Repeat this process every 3-6 months to keep your ice machine clean and free of harmful bacteria.

Even when you know how to clean an ice maker or ice machine, malfunctions may still occur. If they do, we can help. Call 727-447-0108 to schedule!

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