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Washer Isn't Draining or Spinning

Updated: Jul 5, 2022

The washer finished, time to put the clothes in the dryer. Only when you open your washer to find the clothes still wet and the washer full of water. Most likely if you have experienced this before you may have thought the washer didn't finish the cycle and tried to start it again. Only to find it again clothes wet and washer full of water.

Your washer may not be draining due to a clogged drainage hose. The drainage hose on your washer is not very big and can get clogged very easily. They can get clogged with lint, hair, pet hair, and other debris. There could also be a kink or bend in the hose.

Washers are built to only spin with the lid shut. The lid is equipped with a plastic projection that goes into a hole when you close the lid. Inside this hole is a switch. If the switch is broken, your washer will not be able to go through the spin cycle.

These are just a few things as to why the unit would not drain or spin. There are more possibilities such as the washer needing a new belt or a new drain pump.

You can troubleshoot some problems yourself with your washer, at other times, you need to call an experienced appliance repair company and schedule to have a technician look it over. Our experienced technicians will figure out what’s wrong with your washer quickly.

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