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How Would Our House Function Without Appliances?

What is a house without our beloved, major kitchen, appliances, and laundry appliances? Wonderful, working refrigerators, keep our food at the perfect temperature, while ovens, ranges, and microwaves, cook and heat our food to absolute perfection. Once we have enjoyed our food, we count on our dishwashers to clean the dirty dishes and leave them spotless for the next round. Our beloved washers and dryers must be in perfect working order to keep our clothes clean and dry. We count on our appliances to be ready for us 24 hours a day so it can become complete chaos when one of them breaks down. Preventative maintenance can help us avoid overuse or misuse, especially with refrigerators. Give us a call at Better Homes Appliance Repair, so we can help answer all your questions about appliance maintenance and schedule a technician to come out to service or repair any major appliance in your home. We service several cities in Pinellas and Hillsboro counties, including Clearwater, Dunedin, safety, Harbor, Palm, Harbor, Tarpon Springs, Oldsmar, Largo, Belleair, Pinellas Park, Seminole, St. Petersburg, Tampa, Westchase, and more.

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