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Keep Your Dishwasher Running Like New

It's not difficult to keep your dishwasher running like new, but then again, its not so simple either. You don't really think about your dishwasher unless its not working. This game changing appliance deserves some TLC. That is if you want to keep it from breaking down. Here are some tips to keep your sink blissfully free of dishes and your dishwasher working like new.

Clean your dishwasher. May seem like the dishwasher would be cleaning itself while cleaning the dishes, but it does indeed need a good cleaning. That should be done at least once a month. Also check the spray arm and the drain for clogs. Food can get lodged in the spray arms and may also clog up the drain. You can also get hard water deposits that clog up. So once in a while clean out the holes in the spray arms with a needle or toothpick. If you use a toothpick be carful not to let the tip snap off. Also while the right way to load your dishwasher is well up for debate, there is one thing everyone can agree on. Don't block the spray arm. While pre-rinsing your dishes is actually bad. It makes your detergent less effective. Doesn't mean throw your plate in the dishwasher straight from the table. Scraping the food off the plates before loading will help prevent clogs. You should only run your dishwasher when its full. But do not overload it. You'll just prevent your dishes from getting clean.

These last few tips are everything you will need to know to help keep that dishwasher working like new. Run the dishwasher with vinegar or Tang! Every few weeks use a cup or two of vinegar or tang if you happen to have it. this will help dissolve hard water mineral deposits. Also be sure to check to make sure your dishwasher is sealing, wipe it down to dislodge any residue, and, if needed replace it. Lastly use the right amount of good quality detergent, and never use dish soap.

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