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Tips on extending your stove's lifespan

Even with the best cleaning, maintenance, and care, there will be a time when you range will stop working simply because it is old. Luckily there are things you can do to help your stove last longer. The best tip to extend your ranges lifespan is clean thoroughly. Clean spills up as soon as possible. Leaving baked or burned food on your range or in the oven, will cause the heating elements to have to work harder and burn out faster.

There are quit a few do nots when it comes to cleaning your range. First don't spray knobs with cleaner. The cleaner can get into the electrical components and cause corrosion or shorts. Another do not is don't self clean. It heats your oven to extremely high temps to burn off cooked on food, but the high temps can melt the internal components. and the last do not is don't use metal scrapers to scrape off food from the oven and use something light while cleaning the oven like baking soda and vinegar. Heavy cleaners can ruin heating elements and protective coatings.

The last couple tips to extend your ranges lifespan is do no cover burners or drip pans with foil. Foil reflects heat and can make your oven heat unevenly or it could melt internal components. Clean your oven filters, this keeps your oven working efficient. Lastly make sure to replace door seals when they become cracked or frayed.

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