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Keep your dryer lasting longer

The dryer is one of our most favored appliances. While line drying your laundry in the sun looks so much better on TV then it actually is in real life. Dyer maintenance is extremely important because dryer and lint are a fatal combination. Dryer lint build up causes 1000's of fires in homes every year. Most people know to clean the lint trap after each cycle, but there are a few other important things you should do on a regular basis to ensure your dryer is running in faultless condition.

All to many dryers are rigged up with white plastic tubing, while this is cheap it is not ideal. The cheap plastic is prone to melting or cracking and is not up to fire safety code. It should be replaced with a proper aluminum vent tube. The tube in the back should be cleared of all lint inside and out. You should also have your vents serviced at least 1 once a year. Keeping the lint clear gets the laundry drier quicker and is also preventing the risk of a fire or carbon monoxide leaks. Deep clean your lint screen at least every 2-3 months with detergent and water then rinse thoroughly. You will also want to clean out any lint inside the lint trap with a lint brush.

These last couple tips will help keep your dryer in prime condition. Do not overload your dryer; It takes longer for larger loads to dryer and also will use more energy. If the clothes do not get completely dry there is a elevated chance they may end up smelling musky. Also make sure your dryer is level. A shaky dryer is blameworthy to have parts fail much sooner. Check periodically by giving the dryer a good shake. Regular use can and unevenly distributed loads can cause the dryer not to work properly . If this does happen all you have to do is adjust the dryer legs. Lastly keep the drum of the dryer clean. Wipe down the inside of the dryer drum with a microfiber cloth to remove any residue left by the dryer sheets. Allow to dry thoroughly.

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