Tips for a Happy Washing Machine

Everyone loves the smell of clean laundry. So in turn we all want to keep the mold and mildew out. Also want to keep our whites coming out just as white as when you first

bought them. By doing these simple things you can help keep your washer do just that.

First we will start with wash the washer. Sounds funny right? You will want to do equal parts water and vinegar. Take a soft cloth and give the door, gasket, drum and dispensers a good once over. Also use a good washer cleaner about once a month. To keep that mold and mildew out of the machine don't let wet laundry sit. Wet laundry that sits for hours brings out that musky smell. When a wash is complete leave the lid or door open to allow the interior to air out properly.

Lastly Keep any liquids away from the control panel such as liquid detergents and stain removers. They can harm the finish of the washer. If you notice any spills inside your washer, clean it right away with a damp soft cloth. you want to avoid it spreading and affecting the functioning of the washer.

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