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What Is My Dishwasher Doing?!

Difficult Dishwasher Diagnosis

Sometimes we experience difficulty when diagnosing appliances that don’t show any symptoms when we come out to see what the problem is. Recently we had a customer in Palm Harbor call with a dishwasher that was leaking out of the right front corner during the wash cycle and the floor was being damaged. Upon running a full cycle there was no water to be found leaking on the floor at the time of the appointment. The first place we would think to look would be the door seal. We further inspected the outer door seal to see if there were any tears or damage causing water to leak out of the dishwasher but everything looked good. The lower spray arm of the dishwasher was taken off and inspected and a tiny separation of the plastic seam on the spray arm was found. When a separation like this happens, water will spray out from the broken seam and not create a problem until late in the cycle. This could also present itself as an intermittent problem and not be leaking every time the dishwasher cycles until the separation becomes much larger. Sometimes these tiny little problems can be so difficult to diagnose but our technicians are determined to find a solution for you! If you need help with any of your appliances, please feel free to call Better Homes Appliance Repair.

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