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Why is my washer leaking?

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Help! Why is my washer leaking? Have you recently noticed a puddle of water on the floor after you did a load of laundry? It is very important to address this issue right away. It could be a very simple fix that you may be able to do yourself or you just might have to call on us for help. Check the following five, most common causes for a leaking washing machine below.

Front loader washer door - the first thing to check is your washing machine door. You must make sure that the door is completely closed and then make sure there is nothing caught between the door and the door seal. It could even be some dirt, dog hair, or lint, stuck on the glass or seal of the door. This would be a very easy fix to prevent water from leaking down the washing machine onto the floor.

Washing machine hoses - the hose that goes from your house, water valve, and into your washer could be the culprit. You must make sure that all the fittings are nice and tight. The hose that goes from your washing machine to the drain could become loose so make sure that the hose is nice and tight. the drain can also become backed up, causing water to puddle out onto the floor.

Detergent dispenser drawer - if you overfill your soap dispenser, or for some reason, the detergent is not getting rinsed away with the wash cycle then it could become blocked and water could overflow and leak out through that area. If it looks like there is residue in the dispenser just make sure to clean it out really well before your next wash.

Too much soap detergent - as I mentioned above, using too much soap detergent can cause an overflow of suds, making the water puddle out onto the floor. If you accidentally add too much detergent, you can fix this by adding a mixture of one part vinegar to eight parts water. This should solve your issue immediately and then next time, remember not to use too much detergent.

High water pressure - not a lot of people realize this, but if your water pressure is too high when using a front-loading washing machine, water may leak from the soap dispenser down the washing machine and onto the floor. You can easily turn down the water pressure right at the connection.

Hopefully, after following the easy tips above, you were able to solve the problem of paddling water on your floor. If not, there may be something more serious that needs to be looked at by a professional. Thankfully, we have an awesome team of appliance repair technicians, that can come out, and diagnose the problem in no time.

Better Homes Appliance Repair offers in-home appliance repair service for all major residential appliances including your refrigerator (free-standing and built-in), freezer, dishwasher, dryer, washer, range, oven, stove, ice maker, garbage disposal, built-in coffee maker, and more. We are open Monday through Saturday for service appointments. The service call fee of only $69.95 is always waived with any repair! Let us make you our next happy customer! Call 727-447-0108.

Our expert appliance repair technicians can help you address all of your home appliance needs. Give us a call at 727-447-0108 to schedule your appointment.

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