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Do You Have an Upright Freezer or Chest Freezer?

Did you know there is required maintenance for most upright freezers and chest freezers?

Usually, upright freezers are self-defrosting but if it is not, frosting up of your freezer may occur. You must defrost your freezer according to the manufacturer's instructions. If you fail to defrost your freezer on a regular basis, it will not run efficiently. With freezers that self-defrost, it does, in fact, frost up but will go through a process of melting frost. That melted frost water drains to the drip pan that is usually located at the bottom of the refrigerator or freezer and sometimes the water that is collected will not dry up and will form bacteria or mold. Your drip pan should be checked and cleaned as necessary to prevent mold and bacteria growth. A lot of chest freezers do not self-defrost and the majority of people keep them in their garage or patio in the heat of Florida outside temperatures. This should be avoided unless you really have no other place to put it. Your freezer has to work extra hard to keep the inside at just the right temperature, which is around 0°F. If you see that your freezer is forming frost very quickly or experiencing temperature issues inside, there are a few culprits that could be causing these issues. Make sure to open the freezer door less frequently if possible and close it quickly. Also, make sure that the door seal is not cracked or brittle because it would need to be replaced. Periodic maintenance is very important for freezer efficiency and to extend the life of your upright or chest freezer.

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