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Sub-Zero Refrigerators - most common issues

Having a problem with your Sub-Zero refrigerator? There are common issues that Sub-Zero refrigerators may eventually have, forcing you to seek an appliance repair technician. Don’t get me wrong, Sub-Zero refrigerators are top-of-the-line kitchen appliances. Eventually, any appliance is going to have a problem and a Sub-Zero is definitely a refrigerator that you will want to fix for 30 years or more because that’s how long these awesome refrigerators can last. Sub-Zero refrigerators run off of two compressors, which helps keep your food colder and lasting longer than normal refrigerators. These refrigerators are so well-made that they keep the temperature inside the refrigerator absolutely perfect so your food will not dry up and go bad. The freezer section maintains such great temperature that your food will never get freezer burned. Anyway, let’s get back to discussing what you may experience with a Sub-Zero refrigerator no matter how well you take care of it.

Your Sub-Zero refrigerator has what is called a vacuum condenser and if there is a problem with it a little light comes on to indicate that you need to take action. If you see the vacuum condenser service light come on, this usually means the condenser coils are dirty. The simple solution for dirty condenser coils is to make sure that they are cleaned every six months. Another reason for the vacuum condenser service light to come on would be if you hear your refrigerator running longer and longer or nonstop. This would be a sign for you to promptly call on one of our appliance repair technicians to come out and fix this issue. Lastly, the service light coming on may mean that there is a slow leak in your freon line. This is the worst-case scenario but our appliance repair technicians can quickly diagnose it and get everything fixed and in working order again. If you ever open up your refrigerator and find that warm air is spilling out instead of cold air, this could mean that a condenser fan has gone out and needs to be replaced. Since your Sub-Zero refrigerator has two compressors, one for the freezer and one for the refrigerator, most likely, you will only have one side of the unit not in working order. It would be rare that both compressors stopped working at the same time. If your subzero stops making ice in its top-of-the-line ice maker, this may sound weird but usually, we find that this is an issue with the freezer system and not just the icemaker itself. This is a problem that we can easily fix and you will have your ice maker back in action in no time. If it is the ice maker, we can quickly order the part and have it installed in a jiffy. Have you ever noticed a puddle of water under your Sub-Zero? What could be going on to make your awesome Sub-Zero suddenly create a messy puddle of water on your floor? This is definitely fixable and we can help. It may be a clogged or frozen drain line in your refrigerator, or you could have an issue with an inlet valve or a crack in the filter. If you want to try and tackle this yourself and have an extra refrigerator, you could empty the Sub-Zero out and unplug the refrigerator overnight to see if thawing out a frozen drain line is the culprit. If you do that, plug it back in, and everything works fine then there you go, you’re all set, and no need to call us out. If that doesn’t work, we are just a phone call away and here to help. Sub-Zero refrigerators do seem to last forever, but after having a great subzero for several years, they are sure to run into a few issues. Subzero refrigerators are definitely worth fixing, like I said before, they will last at least 30 years or more when properly maintained and repaired. Just remember if you ever need a Sub-Zero repair, call in the experts at Better Homes Appliance Repair and we will quickly come out to diagnose the problem and get you all fixed up in no time.

Better Homes Appliance Repair offers in-home appliance repair service for all major residential appliances including your refrigerator (free-standing and built-in), freezer, dishwasher, dryer, washer, range, oven, stove, ice maker, garbage disposal, built-in coffee maker, and more. We are open Monday through Saturday for service appointments. The service call fee of only $69.95 is always waived with any repair! Let us make you our next happy customer! Call 727-447-0108.

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